Imagine What We Can Achieve Together

Our approach to wealth management, financial planning and retirement planning is simple. We want to learn about the life you've imagined, the goals you've set for yourself, your trials and successes. Once we understand your goals, we create a unique plan and get the ball rolling to achieve those goals together. 

Listening is a big part of what we do. But we also communicate with our clients proactively so you always know what we're thinking and where we're headed together. And we're going to treat you like family, because that's what we are. 

Getting to know you

The first thing you'll notice about being an Arbor Wealth client is that we listen. You've spent a lifetime working, saving and sacrificing to build the nest egg that will allow you to live the life you've always imagined. We want to know how you got there. We listen and ask questions, the more we understand where you came from, the more we can help you get where you want to be. We want to know more than your risk tolerance score and investment horizon (although those are important too). We want to know your plans for the future, and how we can help make those plans a reality. 

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confidence through communication

We firmly believe that good communication makes for good relationships, and our clients experience that philosophy every day. Once you've become a client of our firm, we proactively reach out to communicate our thinking on macroeconomic trends, research on your portfolio holdings and preparations for market uncertainty. We want you to know the positions in your portfolio, why you own them, how they fit into your overall financial plan, and why you're prepared for whatever is coming down the pike. By taking the initiative, you'll never wonder if we're thinking about you.

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You're Family Because We're Family 

Family means a lot to us. They're the people you can count on when life throws you a curveball, and they're the people you want to celebrate the joys of life with. That's why we call our clients family. 

Although we work with clients all over the United States, you can always give us a call or drop by for a cup of coffee, because that's how family works. 

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