Financial planning is about charting a course for a destination beyond the horizon.

Can I maintain my current lifestyle in retirement? My daughter was accepted by an Ivy League school, how can we pay for the extra expense? How do I provide for my family if something happens to me? These are questions our clients share with us every day, and our holistic, goals-based financial plans are designed to answer them. 



Goals-Based Financial PLanning

Arbor Wealth constructs a unique financial plan for each client based on their goals and objectives. We take a holistic approach to financial planning and follow the Certified Financial Planner™ process of identifying each client's goals and objectives and addressing the risks that might prevent them from meeting those objectives. 

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estate planning & trust Planning

With a Certified Financial Planner™ who is also a licensed attorney (FL Bar #96051) on staff, we are able to offer complex estate planning guidance as a part of our financial planning process.

By proactively weaving complex estate planning into the financial planning and investment management process, Arbor Wealth focuses on responsibly transitioning wealth to loved ones. We work with clients to create, monitor and manage family trusts, income trusts, charitable trusts, and special needs trusts for their children, grandchildren and families.

Tax strategy 

Arbor Wealth carefully considers income tax limits, changes in marginal tax rates, Social Security benefits taxation and Medicare income thresholds before making a single investment for our clients. 

We also work with our clients throughout the year to provide guidance on tax loss harvesting, real estate transactions, business sales, tax efficient portfolio construction, required minimum distribution planning, qualified charitable distribution planning and much more. 

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