Financial Planning Costs & Fees

How much does Arbor Wealth charge to create a financial plan for a client?
For wealth management clients, our on-going, proactive financial planning services are included in each client's management fee. Non-wealth management clients can engage Arbor Wealth on an hourly basis at $225 per hour for a 5 hour minimum. 

How many non-wealth management financial planning engagements does Arbor Wealth do each year?
As our primary focus is wealth management and holistic financial planning for our existing clients, Arbor Wealth limits our non-wealth management financial planning engagements to fewer than 5 per year. 

Financial Planning Processes & Procedures

How do you start the financial planning process?
As Arbor Wealth has two Certified Financial Planners™ on staff, we follow the CFP® Board Standards when providing financial planning to our clients. After establishing our advisor-client relationship, we first gather data to define each client's goals and objectives. We then analyze and evaluate that client's financial status to develop and present our financial planning recommendations. After presenting our recommendations, we implement and monitor the plan, and make changes as needed. 

What subject areas does your financial planning advice address?
We focus on investment planning, insurance planning, employee benefits planning, tax planning, retirement planning and estate planning. Contained within those subject areas are a myriad of individual planning questions we address on a daily basis. 

What information do you need to create a financial plan for a client?
As holistic financial planners, Arbor Wealth gathers as much quantitative and qualitative information possible about each client to create their financial plan. We ask for account statements, tax returns, insurance policy declaration pages, estate planning documents, and much more. 


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