Wealth Management - It's What We Do Every Day

Wealth management is at the heart of our services - it's what we do every day. Arbor Wealth creates custom portfolios to meet each client's unique goals and objectives. By employing a tactical asset management philosophy instead of a traditional asset allocation approach, Arbor Wealth actively focuses on those investments that we believe will be most productive for our clients. Our focus is always on tax-efficiency, as an investor's take home return is the only number that matters. 

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Custom Created Portfolios

Every family, couple, and individual investor harbors unique attributes, so why should their portfolios all be the same? At Arbor Wealth we custom create each portfolio to meet the unique goals and objectives of our clients. This is borne out of our firm's focus on protecting and growing our clients' portfolios while producing reliable income. 

Custom-created wealth management portfolios. 


Tactical Asset management

We believe that capital preservation, especially in the early stages of retirement, is the most important function a wealth manager can serve. For most of our clients, their portfolios represent a lifetime of work, saving and sacrifice, which by necessity has led Arbor Wealth to focus on tactical asset management. Tactical asset management is far from market timing. Instead, through internal research and analysis, we strategically invest portfolios in asset classes and market sectors where we anticipate the client's investments will be most successful. 

tax efficient portfolio construction

We believe strongly in the old adage that, "It doesn't matter what you make, it matters what you keep." Arbor Wealth focuses on tax efficient portfolio construction to eliminate the hidden traps of investing. By properly aligning individual investments in the accounts where they receive favorable tax treatment, our custom-created portfolios are developed for tax efficiency.