Asset Management & Research Procedures

Who actually manages my assets?
Arbor Wealth manages 100% of client portfolios in-house, meaning no third party managers, separate account managers or private placement investment managers are used.

Do you have discretionary authority to trade in my portfolio?
Arbor Wealth manages assets exclusively on a discretionary basis. By establishing clearly defined goals, objectives and parameters for each client's portfolio, we accept the responsibility of maintaining discretionary authority over client portfolios. 

Do you utilize modelized portfolios?
Arbor Wealth custom-creates each client's portfolio. Obviously there will be some commonalities amongst portfolios we manage, but each client's account is different based on a number of factors.

How do you research individual investments?
Arbor Wealth has access to all publicly available information regarding individual positions we are considering for investment in client portfolios. In addition, Arbor Wealth maintains subscriptions to a number of publications, research, and analysis tools to further investigate individual positions for client portfolios.

Client Service & Experiences

How to look at my account statements and balances?
Arbor Wealth Management uses Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. as its asset management custodian. Therefore, account statements and balances are provided by Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. You can always view your account statements and balances at Also, account statements are mailed or emailed to our clients every month by Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

How will I know when a trade is made in my account?
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. will provide you with an email or mailed trade confirmation for every trade made in your portfolio.

How often will I meet with the Arbor Wealth team?
Arbor Wealth Management provides annual reviews to wealth management clients as well as addition financial planning and service meetings as necessary.