Women & Wealth - Clarity, Understanding and Empowerment

"Right out of college I interviewed to work as a financial planner in the Chicago office of a large brokerage firm (they are still in business today, you probably know them). And although I was well-qualified for the job, the office manager told me the only position I could get was as a secretary, they didn't hire women to be financial planners. You can probably guess that didn't sit very well with me at the time, but after more than twenty years as a financial planner, I should probably thank them for the lesson that taught me. 

I started my career as a financial advisor more than two decades ago because I wanted to help people take control of their financial future. And after working with many of the same clients for more than twenty years, the one thing I know for certain is that things change. 

After seeing many of my female clients lose a spouse or go through a divorce, I knew that I needed to focus on providing financial planning services to women to relieve the anxiety that comes from a lack of financial clarity. My goal is to be a trusted partner for all of my clients, men and women alike. But, after a career of experience, I find it incredibly rewarding to work with female clients to empower them towards making secure and confidence choices for their financial futures.

Thinking back to that job interview, I'm grateful I didn't settle for anything less that what I deserved. And that's how I want to serve my clients every day, providing clarity, improving understanding and creating empowerment to live the life they deserve."

-Margaret R. McDowell, ChFC®, AIF®

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death of a spouse

Following the death of a spouse, the last thing you want to think about is family finances. Over the years, Margaret has seen how emotionally and financially vulnerable women can feel following the passing of their spouse. We want you to feel financially confident and secure during times of uncertainty, and as trusted fiduciaries to our clients you'll never have to question the motives of our advice.



Separation or divorce

Anyone going through a separation or divorce needs a team of professionals to advocate for their interests. Your team at Arbor Wealth includes a Certified Financial Planner who is also a Florida licensed attorney. 

multigenerational financial planning

Women are often the emotional core for multiple generations of family members. After working with clients for more than two decades, we have seen women simultaneously take care of mom and dad, while putting their children through college and preparing for their own retirement at the same time. Being the center of a family takes hard work and planning, and Arbor Wealth is here to help with your multigenerational financial planning to take the burden off your shoulders.