Clarity in Times of Transition

Life is full of trials and tribulations, challenges we all have to face. While we all must eventually deal with emotional impact of the loss of a loved one or the end of a marriage, the financial impact of those events is often the last thing on your mind. Margaret R. McDowell, ChFC®, AIF® has been guiding women through life events like widowhood, divorce and unexpected inheritance for more than two decades. Margaret works with female clients of Arbor Wealth undergoing these transitions, listens to their goals and communicates their options every step of the way. 


death of a spouse

Following the death of a spouse, the last thing you want to think about is the family finances. Over the years, Margaret has seen how emotionally and financially vulnerable women can feel following the passing of their husband. We want you to feel financially confident and secure during times of uncertainty, and as trusted fiduciaries to our clients you'll never have to question the motives of our advice.



Separation or divorce

Anyone going through a separation or divorce needs a team of professionals to advocate for their interests. Your team at Arbor Wealth includes a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst who is also a Certified Financial Planner and licensed attorney. 

multigenerational financial planning

Women are often the emotional core for multiple generations of family members. After working with clients for more than two decades, we have seen women simultaneously take care of mom and dad, while putting their children through college and preparing for their own retirement at the same time. Being the center of a family takes hard work and planning, and Arbor Wealth is here to help with your multigenerational financial planning to take the burden off your shoulders.